Friday, September 28, 2012

“Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland”

The first time I heard about LEGOLAND was about to open in Malaysia, I was really excited.

Just the thought of it makes me happy...because it brings out the child in me.

And now it is OPEN.
My kids were super excited.

  (well, these are not my kids, obviously)

“Why should give me tickets to Legoland” :

1. Because LOVE me..

2. Because I LOVE MORE...

3. Because and I are ..BFF...

4. Because  I'm much cuter than the power puff girls....(gosh...focus..focus..)

With LEGO there are no limits for your can turn this little plastic cube into about anything that your mind can imagine...
I am amazed with the skill, imagination and creativity of the builders who made these at LEGOLAND MALAYSIA.

 "A study found that those who are experts with the toy building bricks are more agile with their hands and solve problems faster than the average person." -THESUN

5. This is another reason "Why should give me the tickets to LEGOLAND".

Let me elaborate:
When I was a kid, I did not get the privilege to play with, if give me the free tickets I could experience the fun and the exhilaration that I missed.  And just like the survey indicated, I might as well become a brainer.. and..when I am smarter.. I can make more money..and more money means more savings in my account...and that means we will become prosperous and happy.. together.. gether... forever.. and ever...

6. Last but not least, why i think:  should give me the tickets to LEGOLAND, just simply because it is ...Everybody loves free stuff...and my desire to win the free tickets makes me put on my crazy thinking cap on...well...I'm sure am trying.. at least...if you do'nt try you will never will never achieve anything if you don't try...