Thursday, September 27, 2012


" Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans." Jacques Yves Cousteau

This quote..truly described the reality that we are in right now.. don't you think?


I bought my 8 stage hexagon - water purifier in August 2009.

but now, I'm no longer using it.

WHY??.. because it's broken already la...he...he..

My kids accidentally dropped in the sink several times, and it started leaking.
There was a comment from someone, if you do not wash the filter regularly it will leak...maybe its true. Because my brother bought the hexagon filtration system 2 also leaked, and he said he didn't drop it. I don't know.

Did any of you buy this product? Did you face the same problem?

Well, now I'm using PANASONIC TK-CS20. I bought this rather hastily, because I just got fed up at that time..

The price is around RM170 - RM180 I think. I bought it from Carrefour.

  • 6.0 Litre /min Filtering Capacity
  • Residual Chlorine: 95%
  • Powdered Activated Carbon
  • Non-woven Fabric
  • Long Cartridge Life 12,800 Litre For Residual Chlorine
  • Made in Japan

Features Catridge Life Checker Micro-filtration System Shower/Stream
Filtering Capacity*1 6.0 Litre / min
Water Pressure at Which the Unit Can Be Used 40 kPa - 350 kPa
Filtration Capacity
Residual Chlorine 12,800 Litre
Turbidity 12,500 Litre
Mass (Weight) 1.1 kg
Dimensions (Height x Diameter) 265 x 139 mm
Replacement Catridge Model No. P-6JRC

It does basic filtration only. You do need to boil your water to consume.

I really wish I bought PANASONIC PJ-37MRF Water Purifier instead.

4 levels of purification
Specially treated powdered activated carbon cartridge for highest performance
0.1 micron Ultrafiltration hollow fibre (recommended standard for bacteria filtration)
High purification capacity removing bacteria, turbidity, chlorine & odor
Simple operation
Modern design with cartridge life indicator
Easy DIY installation
Easy replacement of cartridge model-P-31 MJRC
Colours available: Red and White
  • Hollow Fibres filter
  • Powdered Activated Carbon
  • Granular Activated Carbon
  • Bacteria reduction rate 99.99%
  • Purified water flow 4.0 liters/min
  • Shower / Stream selector lever
  • Cartridge Life Checker
  • Made In Japan
But, this model was not in Carrefour at that time. I notice some sites selling this on the internet. This model is better than the one I bought.

The price range RM350 - RM400.


Another brand is from COWAY. It's also a countertop type.

 Price range RM490


Another models from PANASONIC with good review are:


  • High water-purification ability of removing 13 substances
  • Selection of 4 alkaline levels and 2 weak acidic levels
  • 4 colours back light display to allow easy identification of water quality
  • &Continuation mode& result in water saving
  • &Drainage elimination& in water purified mode save water
  • Easy-to-clean stain proof stainless steel
  • &Cooking timer& convenient for cooking
  • Switch lever equipped with a hot water guard
  • English or Chinese display
  • Made In Japan
Filtered Compounds Free residual chlorine
Total trihalomethane
2-MIB (Mold smell)
Soluble lead
CAT (Agricultural chemcials)

Price around RM3700 - RM4000

  • Water-purification removes 5 substances
  • Selection of 3 alkaline levels and 1 weak acidic level
  • &Continuation mode& result in water saving
  • Auto cleaning method
  • Made In Japan
Filtered Compounds Free residual chlorine
Total trihalomethane
2-MIB (Mold smell)
Soluble lead

Price around RM2000

Well, it's really up to you. If you have the money you can get the better one.

I'm not into the MLM products because their filters are too pricey. But, I'm just saying..maybe one day I will bought one..I don't know. Some things just happened.

You said, you don't like these kind of stuff...but you end up liking it..or buying it in the know what I mean??

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Anonymous said...

It is always safe to boil. cant always trust the filter that is near replacement or leaking... bacteria accumulation can be a the basic rm170 to remove most chlorine n residual w boiling is probably the best option.. or get the rm2000 panasonic one with multiple filtration n uv treatment or sthing like that. .. foolproof. He he I m more the 100% guarantee type...n nothing beats boiling...must commend u for being the concern is gold.. hv a good day..Hanz

Ina said...

yes..boiling is necessary

Anonymous said...

hi, im wondering which water purification system you bought? was looking for a good water filter system and landed up on ur web. I owned the same one as yours at the moment - TK-CS20. Appreciate your answer.

Anonymous said...

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Ina said...

i havent bought any yet. fed up with expensive replacement filter.

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