Friday, May 8, 2009

Louis Vuitton LV Handbag Mini Lin 99% Accurate to Original



Just arrived today. Beli kat Lelong RM60. Yang part "99% Accurate to Original", tu i tak sure, sebab i bukan la expert pun. Penjual tu yang cakap. Usually replica "99% accurate to original" memang mahal. Dalam ratusan ringgit la.

I beli coz nak beg yg besar sikit, coz a lot of things nak sumbat kat dlm tu..he..he..he.

But, its to big la plak, for me.

Measurement nye lebih kurang: 18" X 12" X 5"

It comes with a dust bag and tali strap.


INA: 019-2733789 /

8 stage hexagon - water purifier

Yesterday i bought the COSWAY - 8 stage hexagon - water purifier. It costs RM295. The price is quite reasonable la kan. But i have to become a cosway member to buy membership for one year costs RM30 + RM295 = RM325. Actual price is RM385, LESS RM60. The replacement filter cost around RM130 - RM160.

The filter should be replaced every 12 months or depend on the ineffectiveness of the filter.

I have been doing a research on water filter for a month. I compared a few water filter available such as ELKEN, PHILLIPS, BIOAURA, DR SUKIDA, HIJRAH, PANASONIC, DIAMOND ..etc.

Some of these filters, got too many filter la. Cost for replacement is quite high. Of course, ada advantage and disadvantage masing-masing. But, all we need is clean water right. Actually my first option is the PHILLIPS UV filtration system la. Harga around RM1,000 above. It uses electricity, 2 times filter replacement a year (one filter costs around RM160 kot camtu. so 1 year around RM320). Dia jenis mounting, gantung kat dinding camtu. The best part dia guna UV rays untuk kill the bacteria.

But, fikir-fikir balik...i prefer yang letak kat counter. So, that's why i opt for the 8 stage hexagon. Low and easy maintenance, not so bulky, and do not take much space on my sink. Ada warranty for 1 year.

(dah pasang pun...)
My kids, asyik bukak paip je...barang baru...boleh main.....he..he..he.