Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"The Black Dress"

Every women need "The Black Dress", the one dress that will turn heads in a party, a function, a kenduri or a get together thingy. The one "Black Dress" that will put a smile on your face and makes you feel like a million bucks..haha...

Eventhough I'm not a fashion oriented person, I like to look good and the most important thing is how i feel about it. And, to look good you don't need to put holes in your pocket, people. You  just have to shop smart.

And, when I'm talking about smart, I'm talking about ZALORA. You can find your "Black Dress" here anytime, anywhere .. with free delivery with purchase above RM75, cash on delivery, 30 days free return, really people its a hassle FREE life here at ZALORA.

Baju Kurung and Jubah is very nice, but sometimes why not wearing this elegant wrap dress for a change..

You can wear a matching shawl or hijab with it. You can choose tons of these beautiful and elegant options of dresses from ZALORA.

Jom cuci-cuci mata..haha...

Niceeee...i likee..

So sweeeetttt...


And, just subscribe to their newsletter and you can get RM20 OFF

So, why wait gals, lets head to ZALORA ..NOW..and get your dream "Black Dress"


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